One classroom’s take on StudyBlue

Susan Dillon is an English teacher at Central Catholic High School in Modesto, California, and she’s one of the first in the world (really) to use StudyBlue in the classroom. Having employed StudyBlue as a teaching tool for four months, Susan asked students in her English IV College Prep class for feedback on the experience. We’ve posted the feedback – verbatim – below.

“I really enjoy StudyBlue because it’s so simple to just print out the flash cards, cut them, then study with them. I learn a lot better and I found that I actually do study with them.” Bianca

“ is easy to use. I use it on my iPod which makes it easier for me to access even when I’m busy or doing something.” Nick

“The experience on helps so much! Its way easier to memorize words because anybody can make flashcards and the whole class can use it.” Nicole

“I got app. for my iPHONE. It’s easier to study because I always have it, no matter where I go.” Justin

“My experience with StudyBlue is amazing. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and I use it constantly.” Mitchell

“Students now ‘recommend’ that I use
StudyBlue for a myriad of activities …
they wish their other teachers would use it.”

“I had no trouble using and I like how you can use different ways of studying (flash cards or one page)” John

“My experience with was very useful. The quiz that we do helps so much.” Tyler

Some students, quite rightly, pointed out weaknesses in the experience. We’re planning for an iPad app in the near future, and are always trying to simplify the signup process.

“StudyBlue for the most part is good but I always have some small loading problem or operating problem when using it and it won’t work at all on my iPAD.” John

“I’ve found that the process of officially registering was somewhat complicated because they kept sending me messages saying I needed to do this and that.” Trent

Months after introducing StudyBlue to her class, Susan finds that her students recommend it back to her, and to other teachers, with surprising regularity: “I would like to add that I am amazed that students now “recommend” that I use studyblue for a myriad of activities and that they wish their other teachers would use it. I can also add that vocab quiz grades have improved. I do believe the immediacy and efficacy of applications have contributed to this success.”

We’re proud to have a hand helping hundreds of teachers bring technology into the classroom – making learning more efficient and effective for thousands of students. Feedback direct from students is invaluable, and we’d love to hear from your classroom as well.

How is your class using StudyBlue? What is working well, and what needs improvement? Do your students agree or disagree with the feedback from Susan’s class? We look forward to hearing your thoughts below, in Comments.

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