Jennifer: Student, Badger Fan, Intern (but not necessarily in that order)

I am studious, creative, thoughtful and easy going. I am a coffee connoisseur with a love for good ice cream. I am an avid runner (when the weather’s right) and enjoy hanging out with my friends. I am learning at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and value my education. I am interested in journalism and media communications.

I’ve gone sledding on a cafeteria tray, taken a nap outside in between classes, and cheered on my Wisconsin Badgers football team. But I’ve also pulled an all-nighter writing a paper, spent hours bugging my professor during office hours, and claimed a table as “mine” at the library.

I am the student relations intern with StudyBlue. I’ve decided to engage students and educators about the ever-changing (and timeless) world of education. I will enjoy reading the comments and interaction and look forward to participating in a thought provoking conversations! If you have something you’d like me to discuss or write about, I am open to suggestions.

Happy readings!

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