Now It’s Easier for Students to Enroll in Your Class

Several teachers asked us to make it easier for students to join their classes. Sometimes, teachers wouldn’t have the email addresses for all of their students. Other times, students who signed in would misspell a class name and join the wrong class.

The Class Code fixes these issues.

Once a teacher (or a student) has set up a class on StudyBlue, a Class Code appears in the lower, right-hand corner of the page.

With the Class Code, a teacher can quickly get all students in her class up and running with StudyBlue:
1) Set up a class.
2) Provide students with the Class Code.
3) Instruct students to create a StudyBlue account by entering the Class Code.

With the Class Code students can start using StudyBlue without checking their email.

The Class Code is another option for teachers to get students into their classes. Teachers can still email students via the “Invite a Classmate” button. Or teachers can ask students to sign in and add the class like they always have.

Students can also use the class code to help their classmates enroll in the correct class.

Please continue to let us know how to make StudyBlue better!

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  1. Enter Name Here,

    If you already have an existing account, how do you add a class code?

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