Who’s Making the Sacrifice

Saturday night, and guess where I am? I could be at a crazy “rager” or a bumpin’ dance club, but I’m currently on a hot date with Kurt Wendt. Who exactly is Kurt Wendt? He’s a library. (Yeah, you read that right). No raging for me.

Reality check.

All college students go through this. You know what I’m talking about: sacrificing a night of fun for the good of the grades. At StudyBlue, we dub this the “Saturday Night Sacrifice.”

As learners and educators, I’m sure you have made the sacrifice countless times. Whether you’ve been the one writing papers or grading them, I bet you could list ten things off the top of your head you would rather be doing with your Saturday night.

I wish I didn’t care so much about getting good grades. I wish I could just forget the mounds of class lecture notes I have to sift through so I can go out with my friends. I wish my study guides would just write themselves. But I can hear my parents’ voice in the back of my head: “Too bad.”

Too bad?

Forget them! I am an independent adult! I am going to put on my finest swag tonight, and I am going to use those dance moves I’ve been saving up, and I am going to forget about my homework, and I am going to not care if I fail my next midterm and I am going to.. flunk.. out.. of.. school.

Oh …wait…

I guess I can sacrifice one more Saturday night to my studies. Why? Because, after I think about it, I do care about school after all.

My dad gave me some great advice before I went away to college:

“The very first week you’re at college, go and find the BEST party that is out there. While you’re there, stop and think ‘This is what I will be missing if I don’t keep up my grades.’”

Ah, the wise words of “Father Knows Best” speak to me again. Guess that means it’s time to review those online flashcards one more time and finish those homework problems I’ve been avoiding.

Buckle down, Kurt; we have a loooonnngg night ahead of us. But it’ll make me feel better if there are other students out there making the Saturday Night Sacrifice too. Who’s making the sacrifice with me?


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