Ever done a handstand? In a library? At 4:30 in the morning?

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to finals week.

Last December, during finals, my roommates and I took shots of 5–Hour Energy and pulled an all–nighter in the library. At about 4 am, we were hitting a low. Naturally, we decided to do handstands to get our blood flowing.

Crazy? Sure. But that’s finals. Campus dies down, students crowd in libraries, the number of Chinese food deliveries grows tenfold and the stress is so abundant you can practically smell it. Everyone is wishing they had made the Saturday Night Sacrifice and regrets having had too much fun during the semester.

My nemesis this semester has been Economics 101 — I am not a fan. That class is the reason why I’m one of 42,000 students on campus huddled in a library one week from summer vacation. It is also the reason why I’m taking a break from my online flashcards to write this blog post: I’ve had enough.

The funny thing is, I know you’re taking a study break right now too.

Share your finals week story. Got a go–to study food? Done anything really crazy during finals week? Take a one–minute break and comment, but after that, get back to studying. You’ll thank me for it when finals are done.

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