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We’re always looking for ways to provide students and teachers with the best tools for studying effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership with Evernote to bring our studiers some awesome new features.

You’re probably familiar with Evernote, but here’s a quick overview: Evernote helps you remember everything. Really. You can capture and save anything with Evernote – web pages, photos, Microsoft Word files, even handwritten notes. You can access these materials from pretty much any device in existence. Then, quickly you can find what you need by simply searching for it.

Integrating StudyBlue with Evernote allows our users to combine the capture capabilities of Evernote with the study tools of StudyBlue. It’s easy and effective. For a quick look at the integration, check out this example of a student studying Economics:

The example in the video is just one of many ways students can use the combination of Evernote and StudyBlue to study more effectively.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences and ideas in the Comments. To spark some ideas, check out Evernote’s blog post about the integration.

To sync your accounts and start making flashcards, visit

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  1. Mjcbutterfly,

    how do i get study blue OFF of evernote

    • Go to your Evernote account. Click “Settings”. Go to “Connected Accounts” and remove access from there.

      If you would, please email info (at) studyblue (dot) com and let us know why the connection did not meet your expectations. Thank you!

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