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The team here at SB is excited to announce some powerful new features to the studying public. In June, we launched a new folder–based organization system (a.k.a. “My Backpack”) to help you organize your inventory of study materials. Today, we released two more powerful tools based on the feedback of hundreds of users: Study Stats and Study Filters. Not coincidentally, they work great together. Please take them for a spin, and double–please let us know what you think.

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You’re here to master the material. We’re here to give you the feedback you need to make that process most efficient. After wrapping up a study session, check out your Score for fast feedback. Progress is a new measurement to help you estimate your mastery. We take recent scores into account to help you get a sense of how well you know the material in each deck and folder.

When you’ve reviewed the material more than once, it’s best to spend time focusing on the concepts proving toughest to learn. You’ve asked for a few ways to do this, so we built you a few ways. We’re calling them Study Filters, and they give instant access to the cards that deserve a disproportionate amount of attention. Study Filters work on flashcard desks and folders, too. Yep, you can now study everything in your folders at once, filtered for efficiency and shuffled for the heck of it.

Say you need to study for Anthropology midterms. Create a subfolder within your Anthro Class Folder called “Midterms”, and move the decks you need to study into the folder. Select “Filters” from the folder drop–down and you’ll be able to customize your study session by adjusting quantities (max 200 cards), study mode (flashcards, quiz or review sheet) and a Study Filter of your choosing:

  • In Order
  • Shuffled
  • Study the Wrongs
  • Hardest to Easiest (BETA)
  • Least Studied (BETA)

BETA filters will become a part of StudyBlue+ (our premium service) in the next month or so.

Updates for both Android (version 1.8) and Apple (version 3.9) bring these slick new scoring and filter functions to your phone. Updates will be available shortly; keep an eye out for alert prompts on your phone or visit for download instructions.

Once you’ve given these features a try, please let us know your thoughts below or submit questions to the SB support community.

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  1. Jim,

    We should get an email a day before planned events like this…I was using the system and am almost done and it shut down at one of the most critical areas!

    • We do apologize for the disruption, we do our best to alert users as near as possible to our planned down time. We are working on a better process for communicating downtime for users (although we try to avoid it altogether). While a t-shirt is no consolation to a disrupted study session, email your postal address and size to info (at) studyblue (dot) com and we’ll send one your way. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Moemario1,

    no nooo no no …. dang i was in the middle of my assignment and then poof! gone! … please hurryyy..

  3. Vpina02010,

    What happened? I can’t use my shortcut keys anymore and it was heck to get back to the main page to pick which files I wanted to use. Please tell me how I can use the shortcut keys again instead of having to use a mouse. The layout has changed and it is not as user friendly as it was before.

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