Fall: It’s Coming, Get Ready

This summer, I took a month off and hopped on a plane to explore Croatia. Coming back to StudyBlue a week ago, I found myself learning all the exciting new features they’ve rolled out for fall. In fact, there are so many features that I decided to put together a list of what you need to know to rock your studies.

This is my favorite feature by far. All your classes are organized into folders and stored in “My Backpack.” Once a folder is synced to a class the icon turns blue AND you can add sub-folders to organize your semester however you want (i.e. chapters, midterms, etc). As long as your folder is synced you can continue to connect to your classmates and share your class materials.

Study Stats
Keeping track of your studying progress has never been easier. When you’re done with a study session, you can check your Score to see how you ranked with that session. After studying the same flashcard deck or quiz multiple times, you can check your Progress so that you can compare your scores from all your past sessions and your overall progress you’ve made.

Study Filters
When reviewing your online flashcards for a big test, you find that you learn some terms faster than others. With Study Filters, you can “filter” and leave out flashcards that you already know and study only the ones you don’t know. Working with Study Stats, Study Filters will automatically connect and allow you the option to study only the flashcards that you got wrong. Cool, huh?

Study Saver
Imagine your study session gets cut short for some reason and your browser gets shut in the midst of you studying. The next time you log on, whether it’s on a laptop or mobile phone, Study Saver will ask you if you want to continue your study session. If you say yes, it picks up at the exact place you left off. No more lost study sessions.

Mobile Apps
StudyBlue’s mobile app allows you to study on the go, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. The new versions of the Apple and Android apps bring all of these exciting new features straight to your phone. Studying has just been taken to a new level.

Now you’re ready. Stay tuned to StudyBlue this fall and let us know what you think of these new features. Study On.

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