Study Saver: Restoring Lost Study Sessions One At a Time

iPhone App Study Saver ScreenshotFall can be a hectic time. Combining the busy fall season with our excitement to release new features means it can be hard to keep track of all our enhancements. Our July 28 release of Study Stats and Study Filters included one other feature you’ll find helpful once you hit the books: Study Saver™, aka “Resume.”

Envision yourself studying when, suddenly, disaster strikes:

  • The battery gives out on your laptop, causing your StudyBlue session to shut down.
  • You slam your laptop closed to prevent friends from seeing you watering your crops on Farmville.
  • Due to staying up too late studying, your head falls asleep on your keyboard and accidentally closes all tabs on your browser.

With the new “Resume” feature, we’ll automatically save your study session whenever you pulled the plug. Whether your return visit is on your laptop or via a mobile app, you’ll get a welcome message inviting you to resume your session whenever and wherever you log in.

Even better news? We remember the results to make sure your Study Stats reflect how much you’ve learned.

We’re ready for fall classes. Are you?

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Chris founded the website that became StudyBlue after graduating at the top of his class in computer science and biomedical engineering at UW-Madison. Currently, he leads technology development and operations. He takes great pride in what StudyBlue is today, and is driven by the potential the future holds. You can find him taking in a Brewers game in section 120 at Miller Park, or on the field as a member of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

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