Upgrade Your Study Experience: Say Hello to STUDYBLUE+

StudyBlue’s mission is to deliver the most effective and efficient study sessions a student can find – for free. At the same time, we have users that demand more. For them, we’ve been working on features that deliver an additional level of the study experience.

You know who you are. Before you found SB, you wallpapered your room with marked-up index cards in fits of studying insanity. Now, you have 100 online flashcard decks and cards numbering in the thousands. You take pages of notes, convert key concepts to flashcards, and study them until you get the “Ace.” You fall asleep with mobile app in hand, then wake to study the toughest concepts one more time. You have a system that works, but your always seeking to make the most of your time.

STUDYBLUE+ increases your productivity:
+ Advanced Study Filters: study the toughest stuff more.
+ Unlimited Study Reminders: the end of forgetting.
+ Hide cards you know: spend more time on ones you don’t.
+ Make study guides: package a folder of flashcards into a tidy deck.
+ No ads.

Upgrade pricing:
+ $10/month.
+ $80/year.
+ Free: earn a free month for every three friends that sign up.

If you’re new to StudyBlue, we recommend you set up class folders and start studying for free now. If you’re ready for the next level, visit to go plus.

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Chris founded the website that became StudyBlue after graduating at the top of his class in computer science and biomedical engineering at UW-Madison. Currently, he leads technology development and operations. He takes great pride in what StudyBlue is today, and is driven by the potential the future holds. You can find him taking in a Brewers game in section 120 at Miller Park, or on the field as a member of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

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