Mobile Studying in the Google Era

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Mobile devices provide us opportunities to better educate our students. Not only can teachers utilize technology to enhance their practice, but students can use these tools to further engage with learning, individually and collaboratively. There are numerous benefits to using this technology, from convenience and flexibility to providing social learning platforms and perhaps even increased engagement with important content.

A few weeks ago, we released our Mobile Studying Infographic which depicts some of the habits of students who use StudyBlue. We noticed that our mobile application users spent approximately 40 more minutes per week studying than those who only used our website. We also saw that students on smartphones were three times more likely to track their progress, less likely to pull an “all-nighter,” and more likely to study between 6AM and 8AM.

Perhaps there is a perception that smartphones are an impediment to learning; our data clearly illustrates the contrary – it enhances opportunities for studying. Further, making use of mobile tools may have an additional benefit – helping students engage in the “new world” of personal information management. One review of our infographic connected our data to a recent publication in Science, noting that there will be an expectation that we can organize information well and reference it quickly. Students use of StudyBlue is helping them prepare for this reality.

There is a lot of research to do on the efficacy of student mobile studying, and we hope to continue contributing to the conversation. In the meantime, however, we’re moving full-speed ahead on development of the best studying apps on the market. And yes, an iPad app is coming soon. 😉

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