Getting Excited for FETC!

Next week, I will be attending the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando. I’m incredibly excited to meet other educators who are developing and utilizing tools to use with students. With the development of StudyBlue’s mobile applications, I am particularly looking forward to the sessions that focus on how mobile devices are being used to enhances student learning. After giving a quick read-through of the sessions, here are a few that I plan to check out:

    1. Making Mobile Media Meaningful in Your Classroom and Beyond (FS5772) – In this session, Hall Davidison, of Discovery Education Network (DEN), will be speaking about how iPads, tablets, and mobile phones help enrich experiences in the classroom and out.
    2. Getting Connected: Global Collaboration and Communication (FS7734) – Shannon Miller, who has contributed to the StudyBlue blog, will discuss how she connected her students to authentic learning experiences that foster collaboration, communication and the skills that they will need as digital citizens in a global society.
    3. Integrating Forensic Digital Microscopy into Science Inquiry Learning (CS6578) – Going back to my days as a middle school science teacher, I remember getting to try out a digital microscope, but struggling with how to integrate into my classroom. This session combines the tools with the software needed to conduct engaging forensic sciences lessons.

Will you be at FETC? Tweet me¬†or email Zach (at) StudyBlue (dot) com and let’s find a time to connect.


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