Going “Mobile” at FETC

Today, I am heading to Orlando for the annual FETC Conference. As I sort through the incredible number of opportunities to learn new things and collaborate with other educators, I focused this morning on mobile technology. Recognizing the importance of studying your online flashcards “on-the-go,” StudyBlue developed Android and Apple mobile apps for students to switch to a Digital Backpack™. We have seen our mobile usage increase tremendously this school year and created an infographic to display interesting trends about our mobile users.

FETC doesn’t technically have “tracks,” but, I’ve sifted through the concurrent sessions, featured speakers, and other events and suggest below where to go if you want to focus on mobile!

Wednesday, Jan 25
10:00AMFS1361 – Changing the Classroom Paradigm: Let’s Go Mobile!
Julie Evans (of Project Tomorrow) discusses how mobile learning has the potential to change teacher practice and the classroom learning paradigm.

12:00PMFS2757 – The Mobile Imperative – Are You There Yet?
Peter Lange (of AVAI) leads a discussion of why schools must create a compelling mobile solution, as more and more students have mobile devices.

1:30PM – CS3392 – Mobile: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Network and Security Issues
Ernest Staats leads this session about how the BYOD education model impacts network accessibility. He will provide resources to make sure BYOD is practical and safe.

3:00PM – CS4747 – Going Mobile!
In this session, a CIO and Deputy CIO from DOE will address the growing use of mobile devices in education.

4:30PM – CS5286 – Education: There is an App for That!
This session will provide specific Apps that have been used with iPods and how they have been used successfully in the classroom. 

Thursday, Jan 26
10:00AM – CS6566 – A Practical Look at High Density Wi-Fi Challenges
Perry Correll will talk about high density Wi-Fi to address the concerns of increased wireless based learning and teaching. While this may technical for some, it’s always good to learn what has to happen behind the scenes to support you teaching style.

12:00PM – FS7190 – Mobile Technologies Enable Student-Centric Learning
Elliot Soloway, a professor at the University of Michigan, will provide concrete examples from classrooms where mobile technologies are used as essential tools to support student-centric learning.

1:30PM – FS8731 – Innovative Learning Technologies: A Picture of Learning in a Mobile Age
Julie Young (President and CEO of Florida Virtual Schools) will discuss future trends in learning as the lines between online, mobile, blended, computer-based learning, and traditional classrooms fade.

3:00PM – CS9395 – Supporting Students with Special Needs Using the iPod Touch and iPad
Mobile devices have the opportunity to reach our students with special needs in ways we were unable to do only a few years ago. This session will explore best practices for using these devices to support these students.

4:15PM – Closing Session: App Shoot-Out
A perfect way to end the conference – this panel will demonstrate many of the apps being used in education and discuss how they are used to solve classroom challenges.

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  1. Great list. You could also hit my session Wednesday at noon: CS2126: PUT IT WHERE THEY’RE LOOKING: TEXT YOUR STUDENTS FROM GMAIL AND MORE!


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