Teacher Profile: Allison Bronson

Ms. Bronson teaches Spanish 1 at Elizabethtown Area Middle School in Elizabethtown, PA. Even though she’s a Spanish teacher, Ms. Bronson’s favorite subject as a student was math. Ms. Bronson estimates that she made over 10,000 flashcards as a student, mostly for her Spanish, English, and Social Studies classes.

What are some of your goals for your students this year?
Increase fluidity of conversation by having a strong vocabulary base.  Increase student confidence in the target language through activities where they can see their improvements and celebrate successes.

How do you use StudyBlue with your students?
My students use StudyBlue to prepare for quizzes, show proficiency with vocabulary before reading stories with identified vocabulary, get “sneak peaks” at upcoming vocabulary, and to refresh on previous vocabulary.

Why do your students like StudyBlue?
My students love to see their success as they master the vocabulary and practice sentences.  They enjoy being able to message about their successes to their classmates and they seem to find great benefit in the ability to study the terms that truly need their attention with the option to study the terms they get wrong.

What “devices” and other technology tools do you utilize with your classes?
We have iPods and Apple laptops that may be signed out. Integration of StudyBlue and GoogleDocs have been my technology goal for this school year.  I also use an audio dropbox on my webpage for students to record oral presentations.

What are some challenges you face to integrating technology in your classroom and school?
At times the laptop availability can be a hindrance.  In addition, there are times when the Internet is down and then a lesson can be drastically impaired.  Finally, having the time to explore what is out there and how to integrate it in an efficient manner can be challenging. Of course as in all schools the budget can limit the ability to incorporate technology in the classroom.  Free programs like StudyBlue are a truly awesome tool for educators and students!!

What will you and your students do with all the paper flashcards you no longer need?
Great question…maybe we can use them to make confetti to celebrate StudyBlue successes!

Anything else?
I began to explore StudyBlue and found it to be an awesome tool, so I shared it with my team teachers.  We are now all creating flashcards in our respective subject areas: math, science, communication arts.  We love StudyBlue!!

Thanks to Ms. Bronson for using StudyBlue and taking the time to share your thoughts with us! If you are an educator interested in sharing how you use StudyBlue and other technology tools in your classroom or school, reach out to our Education Community Manager by emailing zach (at) studyblue (dot) com.

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