Smarter Together: StudyBlue Launches New Features

StudyBlue just launched a lot of new functionality on the website and I bet you’re nervous that it’s happening in the midst of midterms. However, I’m writing this to help you get comfortable with the new functionality and point out some of the exciting new features. We’ve designed the site to make it easier to connect with each other around shared explanations and to take learning to a whole new level. We’re also sure you’ll find our newly added features make creating flashcards much more efficient and effective.

Check out these tips to help you navigate the new StudyBlue tools available so you can prepare yourself to ace those midterms and think ahead to how successful your finals are going to be:

 Not sure where to start? Type a subject in the box on the new homepage and you’ll see links to key terms within the subject on the right hand side.


Stuck on a term? Type in a term in the box and scroll down to see different cards that define that term in the SB database. If you find a card you like, click “Add” and add it to an existing or new deck.


You can include others’ definitions to your flashcards when you see an idea you missed. After you type a new term in the “Create a Deck” mode, click on one of the cards below to add it to your deck.


When making a new flashcard, click on the “Media” button on the right to add an image to your card. You can also add images or audio from a URL or drag and drop it onto the flashcard.


When viewing a flashcard deck, you can click on the “view as notes” button to see the cards as a review sheet.

Any questions or comments on the new design? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the new changes, or visit our support community.

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I am the Student Relations Intern at StudyBlue. I interact with students and encourage them to seek and apply new ideas to their life to ensure they succeed both inside the classroom and out of it. I am happy to respond to any questions or comments from students or educators seeking a student's perspective.

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Comments via StudyBlue
  • Lisa

    The search feature is really cool when making a flashcard & seeing the results right away! The drag & drop media is a great idea too but it hasn’t worked for me yet.. hopefully soon!

    • StudyBlue

      Lisa – Have you tried using StudyBlue in the Google Chrome Internet browser? Drag & Drop for media works in browsers that support HTML5 (i.e. Chrome). We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying the search feature. Have you been able to find some solid stuff?

  • Robyn

    This update seems to be full of problems. I loved this site before, and now I have troubles just writing up my flashcards. All I want to do is write in my own material, but the page keeps on freezing or blocking out what I am trying to write as my definition. I liked the old way much better, I don’t think I can use this any more.

    • StudyBlue

      Robyn – Were you by any chance using Internet Explorer 8.0 when accessing StudyBlue on your PC? If so, we released a fix yesterday to help remedy issues other users were reporting when typing up flashcards. Some said they were seeing delays in the display of information typed. This sounds like what you might have been seeing too?

  • Robyn

    it works better on my Mac, so maybe it was just my computer that was the problem

  • George

    The changes made to the flashcard creation interface are just mind-boggling, what a downgrade…

    • StudyBlue

      George – We are sorry to hear you feel this way. Would you be able to elaborate further on which changes you dislike most?

  • Ryanfiskewilliams

    I’m loving it so far. Made making flashcards for my architecture class a breeze.

    • StudyBlue

      Ryanfiskewilliams – Thrilled to read you are loving the new changes! Are there any you find especially helpful? You’ll be on your way to architecture mastery in no time.

  • guest

    you guys completely fucked up SB’s design. way to go.

  • Elvin Noriega

    LOVE IT! You guys have really made my life easier! THANK YOU!

    • StudyBlue

      Elvin – Thank you for the praise! We love you too. What StudyBlue features are you finding most helpful in terms of learning your materials?

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