Studious: Ben, Kansas State

Meet Ben – a student at Kansas State studying Public Health Nutrition. Ben loves using StudyBlue so much that he says he’s shared it with “nearly all my classmates since the start of the semester.” Ben has been kind enough to take some time to talk with us on how to use StudyBlue effectively.

What is your favorite feature on StudyBlue & why do you love it?
My favorite feature is definitely “Study Your Wrongs.”  It lets me mark missed cards and instantly review only those that I had missed.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily/weekly routine?
I use StudyBlue to learn new Chinese vocabulary and characters.  I then randomize and study on my computer or while I’m in the car on my iPod.

Any advice for students on how to prepare for midterms/finals?
At the start of the semester you should talk to older students who have taken the class before.  They can tell you how to prepare for the tests, how to study for the class, and other tips. One handy tip is to always read notes from the class at least once a week.  It helps the brain memorize in remarkable ways.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
I love using StudyBlue so much I have shared it with nearly all my classmates since the start of the semester!

Thanks Ben, for taking some time to talk with us and for sharing StudyBlue with his classmates! We heart our students! If you’re interested in becoming part of the “Studious,” please email jennifer (at) studyblue (dot) com.

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