Teacher Profile: Jordan Moree

Mr. Moree teaches American Government, American History, and Psychology at Maryville R-2 School District in Maryville, MO. While he wasn’t a “flashcard kid,” he believes that StudyBlue provides a great way for students to read, learn, and test themselves through flashcards.

What are some of your goals for your students this year?
I would like all my students to use StudyBlue at least once. If students can learn a study skill at a young age, they can succeed in all classes.

How do you use StudyBlue with your students?
All the answers to my study guides are on StudyBlue. Students must take the initiative and look on StudyBlue for the correct answers or ask the teacher for help while completing the study guides in class. Students have really enjoyed going online and finding the answers for themselves. I use StudyBlue exclusively for tests but I have also used it as a review for standardized tests.

Why do your students like StudyBlue?
I believe students like StudyBlue because it meets their needs. Students need to learn study skills and, as a freshmen teacher, I’ve found that I must teach students these skills. Students know where to go to find the answers and can study for my tests by going out on their own and reviewing. I really enjoy letting the students take the study guide and ask the other students questions with StudyBlue’s random function selected. Students can talk through the answers and I do not feel obligated to tell them the answers.

What “devices” and other technology tools do you utilize with your classes?
All devices are encouraged but usually iPods or cellphones are the most common. Students are encouraged to use technology daily in my class through Podcasts or StudyBlue.

What are some challenges you face to integrating technology in your classroom and school?
One problem is getting devices to all students. It’s hard for students who want to study but do not possess the devices. I have a Samsung Tab and let them use it in class as a study tool, but finding the devices is the real problem.

What will you and your students do with all the paper flashcards you no longer need?
We play games with old flash cards and games like old maid for amendments.

Thanks to Mr. Moree for using StudyBlue and taking the time to share your thoughts with us! If you are an educator interested in sharing how you use StudyBlue and other technology tools in your classroom or school, reach out to our Education Community Manager by emailing zach (at) studyblue (dot) com.

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