Teacher Profile: Kate Elling

Kate Elling is a Foreign Language Exploratory and Spanish teacher at Lake Holcombe High School. Ms. Elling uses StudyBlue because it is user-friendly and enjoyable for her and her students to use. She once utilized over 4,000 paper flashcards for a research paper in college, but now it’s all about the ease of using flashcards online!

How did you first hear about StudyBlue? I first heard about StudyBlue from an e-mail I received.

What are some of your goals for your students this year? For my students to learn and retain Spanish.

Why do your students like StudyBlue? They appreciate seeing what they know and what they still don’t know when they review their flash cards.

What are some challenges you face integrating technology in your classroom? Challenges include time, the cost, and staying on task while using technology in the classroom.

What education blogs or online publications do you follow? I follow Trekking the Planet. It provides first-hand information about the world and different cultures.

What will you and your students do with all the paper flashcards you no longer need? Make Christmas wreaths. My mom taught me how to do it with keypunch cards!

Thanks to Ms. Elling for using StudyBlue and taking the time to share your thoughts with us! If you are an educator interested in sharing how you use StudyBlue and other technology tools in your classroom or school, reach out to our Education Community Manager by emailing zach (at) studyblue (dot) com.


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