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Here at StudyBlue, free and effective study tools are something we know a thing or two about. The passion for what we do runs blue through our veins and remains constant in our thoughts as we develop new and improved ways to learn anywhere, at anytime. And what aids in these developments are suggestions from users like you, the ones who know our service best. We introduced an upgraded version of SB a year ago to meet demand for the plethora of recommendations received, and today we are pleased to announce a revamped pair of upgrades ready to take you to a whole new level. Get ready to meet SB Go and SB Pro.

With SB Go, you’ll reap the benefits of your StudyBlue Backpack without the display of ads. Our sponsors are lovely and greatly appreciated but sometimes a distraction-free study session can make all the difference. For only $2/month – or a mere $1/month with an annual subscription – you can turn off those ads and really focus on what matters most to you. And should you decide hiding ads just isn’t enough to really give you that extra ‘umph’, we’re excited to announce SB Pro; a new upgrade package taking the place of what was formerly referred to as StudyBlue+.

Along with an ad-free study zone, SB Pro gives access to a number of other bonuses such as study reminders, the ability to hide cards, an equation editor, expanded export capabilities and more. A handful of other frequently-requested features are slotted to be added to SB Pro within the near future as well. Even more exciting is the reduced price set at just $5/month or $2.50/month annually.

Customizing your own study experience has never been easier and with the back to school season upon us, the less to worry about, the better. As one final “hurrah”, take note that all study filters will now be available on StudyBlue regardless of whether your account is basic or upgraded. That means In Order, Random, Study the Wrongs, Least Studied and Hardest to Easiest are all yours, all free…ah yeah. Who’s ready to ace some tests?

Study on.

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  1. Why have features that were previously been available to free users now been taken away and added to the subscription? I’m a bit disappointed.

  2. Jake Tobin,

    While it is a little sad features have been taken from the free version, the price is now right! I have been unwilling to buy an account for almost two years now, but with the price cut it is much more reasonable!

  3. Kaitlyn Russell,

    You guys should add a feature to allow deleting multiple cards at once, or moving cards from one folder to another. Also I transferred schools and I’m not able to leave the group of my original school (although I did add my new one). And maybe notifications when you’ve accidentally added a duplicate card! Finally I’m a bit disappointed that there are only a few majors to choose from, since Art History isn’t really that rare (it’d be nice to at least type in my own major). If these things were added to the next version, I’d buy a yearly subscription in an instant.

  4. ann,

    It seems like the studyblue group is spending too much time on advertising and posting about how good the app is, when they should really be improving the app.
    Transferring cards from one deck to another and selecting multiple cards to delete or move shouldn’t be too hard. And also alphabetize cards so it is easy to see duplicate cards.

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