Studious: Bre, University of Iowa

Meet Bre! Bre is a senior at the University of Iowa, where she is studying Psychology. Her best advice for using StudyBlue is to make flashcards immediately after learning new material. Read more to see how Bre uses StudyBlue!

What is your favorite feature on StudyBlue & why do you love it?
My favorite feature on StudyBlue is the progress report. It allows me to see my knowledge of the material increase in a visual way. It also helps me know what information I need to spend more time studying.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily/weekly routine?
I incorporate StudyBlue into my schedule using the iPhone app. I find it easier to study in short bursts rather than long study sessions. With the iPhone app I can study a stack of flashcards while in a waiting room at the dentist or minutes before I take the test.

Do you have any advice or tips for students on how to use StudyBlue?
I think the more simple the flashcard is, the easier it is to retain the information. Lengthy and wordy flashcards are harder to memorize, so it is best to break up the information into smaller, easier to remember parts.

Do you have any advice for students on how to prepare for exams?
The best way I have found to use StudyBlue is to make flashcards shortly after going over the material in class. This will allow you to study the flashcards weeks before your exam. There have been some times that I have waited to make the flash cards days before the exam and the flash cards were not useful to me because I did not have enough time to retain the information.

What is your favorite flashcard deck to study from?
My Biological Psychology deck is a good one I like to study from.

What is your favorite website to visit during a study break?
My favorite website to visit during a study break is Pinterest.

Why do you study?
There are two big reasons as to why I study. First, I have had to take out loans to pay for almost all of my education and I do not want to waste the large amounts of money I am spending. And secondly, I would like to get a Master’s degree and in order to do so, I need to have a certain GPA to get accepted into the program!

Thanks Bre for taking some time to talk with StudyBlue and for the great advice! We heart our students! If you’re interested in becoming part of “Studious,” please email molly (at) studyblue (dot) com.

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