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Don’t you love the smell of fresh finals in the morning? We know we do because with each final, another flashcard deck is filled, flipped and prepared to bring you that much closer to the break you’ve been dreaming about. Our Kick Finals in the Apps questionnaire brought back quite the bushel of results and to all those who took the time to fill it out, we thank you. Throughout the rest of the week we’ll be taking time to compile all of the information received in order to kick off next week’s homestretch right.

In the meantime, to get that finals mindset in gear, check out these study tips below:

  • Take advantage of study groups. Working alongside others is a great way to cover bases and ensure key concepts and ideas are understood. Team up on creating some digital flashcards for sharing and make a game out of flipping and testing each other. For example, the person with the highest estimated mastery on a deck gets must be addressed as “Flashcard Master Supreme” whenever spoken to by anyone in the group for at least 10 minutes. Or they just get a free piece of pizza. Whatever works.
  • Switch up the routine with a scenery change. Take a 20 minute walk or jog around campus or find a cozy coffee shop corner to settle into for a run-through of materials. Changing things up and staying active may help when you’re really in need of that focus power.
  • Layout a schedule for studying by blocking time off in a calendar or planner. Hold yourself accountable and allow enough time for the classes you may need to give more attention to. Set some study reminders in StudyBlue to make sure those decks are getting the love they deserve.
  • Take on material in smaller chunks, making sure to work in ten minute breather breaks. A huge section of textbook chapters or thick set of notes can become overwhelming as you review, especially for cumulative exams. Rather than diving in blindly, break material out into sections utilizing StudyBlue review sheets for easy compilation of key points.
  • Get those positive thoughts flowing. Your mind is a powerful thing, ready to work for or against you, so keep the stress at bay as you imagine yourself conquering one exam after another. The whole SB team is here rooting you on every step of the way so take the credit and that ace.

Study on.


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