Kick Finals in the Apps: Grab Some Grub

Even though final exams may feel like the most important thing in the world these upcoming weeks, remembering to eat is critical in order to keep your study energy up. While taking an inside look at how students eat in our Kick Finals in the Apps survey, we found that many enjoy their food fast and easy during finals.


As both a fairly nutritious and easy-to-make snack, popcorn could qualify as its own food group for students because it tops the list for “most grabbed-for munchie” during finals. Fruit was also a popular choice seeing as it requires zero cooking time and packs a nutritious punch in one portable package. The less healthy options don’t go unnoticed however as many of you prefer to munch on chips, cookies and chocolate. You’ve got a solid 5 months before swimsuit season rolls around, so don’t worry about indulging in some of those guilty pleasures.


Top 5 Study Foods:

1) Popcorn
2) Fruit
3) Chocolate
4) Chips
5) Pretzels

When studying for finals on-the-go, many of us don’t have the time or place to make meals. So we asked ourselves, where do students get their food from? We uncovered that delivery food in general is not many student’s cup of tea but that doesn’t stop 18% of students from placing an order to their favorite pizza delivery guy. Also, 26% don’t eat that much during exams.

Top 5 Refueling Sources:

1) I am a foodie, no delivery for me
2) I don’t eat much during finals week
3) My favorite local pizza delivery guy
4) GrubHub
5) Foodler

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill out our Kick Finals in the Apps questionnaire! We look forward to finishing out the semester together, one flashcard and slice of pizza at a time.

Study on.

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