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Last week students from across the country and around the world weighed in on how they get through finals. From top study tools to locations, favorite eats to beats, we’ve got all the details. You might pick up a tip or two from fellow students to make finals studying more enjoyable. And yes, we just put “finals” and “enjoyable” in the same sentence.

Here is a recap of your votes encapsulated in the learning life of the modern student. We will be sending out more details ever day this week, so when not buried in those flashcards, keep an eye on our blog to stay hip on trending study habits.

Are you following us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Pinterest? If not, make sure you do. We’ll be posting more student sourced study solutions (try saying that five times fast) with chances to score study swag along the way. See, things are becoming more “enjoyable” already.

Study on.

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