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Meet Erin who is a student at UW Madison. She’s majoring in Strategic Communication and is the Student Relations Intern for StudyBlue. She loves to use online flashcards when she is on-the-go or at home, and believes the best way to study is to do it every day for small increments at a time. Read on to find out more how Erin uses StudyBlue!

What is your favorite feature on StudyBlue?

My favorite feature by far is the online flashcards.

How have online flashcards improved your studying efficiency and effectiveness? 

Finding time to study isn’t always an easy task. With the use of online flashcards I have the ability to study at home on my computer, between classes on my phone with StudyBlue’s mobile app, or at work on my phone when I have some down time. With being able to study virtually anywhere, I have no excuse not to study, making my studying time more effective and time friendly before tests without cramming.

Why are online flashcards your favorite feature? 

Online flashcards are extremely easy to use and as you write them, similar flashcards that other students have made pop up on your screen, allowing you to reference them if needed. You can also prioritize them into categories such as, “least studied” or “hardest to easiest”, which allows you to mix up your terms without an exact order repetition. Also, by being able to mix up your cards by showing either the definitions or terms first, you are forcing your brain to study more efficiently. From there, being able to pick out terms you are struggling with becomes easier.

How do you think others would benefit from StudyBlue’s online flashcards?

Taking the step to actually take advantage of this feature will set you apart from your classmates. You waste less time making actual flashcards, less time writing them on paper, which in the end, allows for more time for you to be studying your material. They are always with you when you download the mobile app, so forgetting a computer is never a studying problem.

Do you have any advice/tips for students on how to use StudyBlue?

StudyBlue offers a variety of study tools and my advice would be to look for the ones you need. If you are in need of quick online flashcards, I would recommend checking out the list StudyBlue has already complied for you. Here, you can reference other flashcard decks that students in present or previous classes have made to aid your studying. Finally, you can look through study guides for classes as well, which may be a study habit that works better for you. Whatever your studying style is, StudyBlue can accommodate it!

Any tips for students about how to prepare for finals?

First, plan out your finals schedule. If you know you have one final before another, prioritize your studying in correlation to your tests. However, taking the time early to make online  flashcards for each class will allow you to study slowly each day, so that you are not cramming and you are retaining important information. Study hard, take a breath and feel confident with yourself!

Thanks to Erin for taking the time to talk with us about your studying experience with StudyBlue. If you want to be featured as part of our Studious Blog, email erin a (at) studyblue (dot) com.


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