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Meet Olivia! She is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Life Sciences Communications and Agriculture Applied Economics and also works at StudyBlue as an intern. She loves StudyBlue’s review sheets and reccomends studying at least one week before a test to allow yourself enough time to study without stress. Read on to learn more about how Olivia uses StudyBlue.

What is your favorite feature on StudyBlue?

The review sheets!

How have review sheets improved your studying efficiency and effectiveness?

The review sheets help me look at all the terms and concepts in one place. If two terms are similar, I can look at both the terms and definitions to distinguish between them. Also, usually I will print the review sheet and be able to effectively go through the list to see what I know and what I still need to study.

Why are review sheets your favorite feature?

As I said before, I can print the review sheet and easily organize what I know by crossing the term out and what I still need to study. I also love how all the terms are right there in front of me so I can simply look over all of the terms and definitions without clicking anything. Seeing the term right next to the definition is very helpful to connect the two in my brain.

How do you think others would benefit from review sheets on StudyBlue?

I think others can benefit a lot from the review sheet feature because it can help put all their information in one place and it is very accessible.

Do you have any advice/tips for students on how to use StudyBlue?

I advise students to play around with StudyBlue and use a feature they may not use all the time because everyone learns a little different. StudyBlue has so much to offer with tons of different features and an almost endless amount of information. Explore away!

Any tips for students on how to prepare for finals?

Make sure you leave enough time to study. Start studying at least one week before your final so that you will have plenty of time to review and you don’t feel like you need to rush through the material when your exam gets closer.

Thanks to Olivia for taking the time to talk with us about your studying experience with StudyBlue. If you want to be featured as part of our Studious Blog, email erina (at) studyblue (dot) com.

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