Introducing Class Stats

As summer creeps to an end and a promising new school year approaches, the StudyBlue team has introduced this Fall’s must-have accessory for teachers. With StudyBlue’s Class Stats, teachers are given up-to-date data on their students progress and achievements based on entire decks studied and/or individual flashcards. Find out how you can take your classroom to the next level by utilizing StudyBlue and the variety of class features below.

 Creation Of Classes 

Teaching multiple classes? Don’t stress! StudyBlue allows teachers to create a class, invite students to join, assign multiple instructors and create/add materials for students to study. You can choose to “Make Flashcards”, “Upload files”, “Add folders” and/or “Import from Evernote” and anything created will appear within the “My Materials” section. Each Class can be found in your Backpack, allowing you to create personalized pages for each individual course.

Adding Students

Bring on the students! Once your class has been created, inviting students to join has never been easier. Click on “Send class invites” within your class page to enter the email address of any student in your course. Invitation emails will be sent and allow them to automatically join a particular class. All students who have successfully joined will appear on the right hand side of your class page under the “Students” tab.

Track Progress

Class Stats is provided for free up to 30 students and is designed to give teachers an in-depth look into what their students are studying, and most importantly, what they are struggling with. With the green “See Class Stats” button, teachers are able to request the ability to view stats and then track total sessions and scores of students while they study. With an alternate green “See Card View” tab, teachers can dive even further to see exactly which cards in each deck are giving students the most difficulty. Clicking on the green bars to the right of each students’ name under the “Students” tab will also give you direct stats for each individual.

Ability To Share Material

Want to draw attention to one specific deck or piece of material within your Backpack? No problem. Click on any file in your backpack to share personal material to any student and remind them to focus on the items they may need more work on. Under the “Shared Materials” tab, you are able to add any textbook of interest that your class should be utilizing. Click on the little blue box to add any textbook you desire.

Take It A Step Further

Love what you are using? We urge you to upgrade to Teacher Pro, especially if your class is of 30 students or more. Offering a deeper look into your students’ progress, Class Stats and additional pro features such as custom flashcard formatting, the ability to add equations, the ability to add audio and images to the front and back of flashcards, etc. are just the stepping stones you need to ensure study success. If you have any questions on incorporating StudyBlue into your classroom, please email info (at) studyblue (dot) com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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  1. Matthew Katsenes,

    Has this feature disappeared after the redesign? I can’t seem to find it in the new interface.

  2. Lo Hugo,

    This feature is not working and I keep asking for help. No one helps and I am very disappointed to the lack of support from the team, the slow of the website and the Class Stat features miss.

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