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Proclaimed the “Halloween Capital of the World” for hosting one of the first known Halloween parades back in 1920, Anoka, Minnesota is full of luscious parks and a rich history. Residing in the town, Cassie, a student, currently attends Winona State University. Cassie loves Winona’s campus because it is small enough for her to build relationships with her professors, and they are able to recognize her outside of the classroom setting. This makes her not just another, “face in the crowd,” which she greatly enjoys. She also takes advantage of the campus’ beautiful landscape, making enjoying outdoor activities an extremely easy task. With the goal of working in a mental treatment facility or as a parole officer, Cassie is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Coaching. With a wide array of career options in front of her, she also desires to get a Master’s Degree in Marriage Counseling down the road as well. Her minor in Coaching stems from her passion for coaching volleyball and gymnastics and with the right programs in her reach, she is planning on additionally getting an Associate’s Degree in this field.

Recently getting a smartphone for the first time, Cassie’s phone is with her all the time. Her favorite Apps include WeatherBug, You Version’s Bible app, Maps, Facebook and Wells Fargo banking. Although she loves her phone, you won’t find her glued to it. Being that Winona is a Laptop university that issues computers, her class load relies heavily on the computer and thus, she  enjoys studying that way because it is easier on her eyes. She enjoys listening intently in class so her computer is used strictly for her studying needs. Her favorite approach to tackling studying includes taking notes by hand so you can easily add your own doodles, images, and maps to connect all the information that you are learning. Check out’s, “Write It Down” infographic explaining note taking effectiveness and the digital classroom revolution.

In regards to StudyBlue, Cassie states, “ I have a deeper understanding for the concepts that I am learning in class. I don’t just memorize a word of word definition, but I understand what the concept means and how to apply it, if relevant.” Working outside of school for about 40 hours a week, free time is scarce but when found during Cassie’s summers off, she enjoys cooking and baking. Take a look at “’s Top 50 Recipes” to try out on your own free time! After graduation, she hopes to jump straight into working, looking to live near the Twin Cities with a job at a treatment facility of some type. Although she wishes to stay close to her parents, she is prepared to travel wherever she is needed to start her career.

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