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Sudlersville, a small town in the Northeastern corner of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, is where student Christina calls home. Currently attending her beloved University of Delaware campus, she proclaims,  “…our school spirit reverberates in every student’s heart so loudly that you can almost feel it.” With this profound love for her school and plenty of athletics and extra circulars to cheer for, Christina additionally pours her time into another activity of her own. Currently raising a Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) puppy, named Mark IV, Christina actively excels the puppy onto a graduate program for becoming a service dog in the public. Canine Companions for Independence aids adults and children with disabilities with a highly trained canine to assist them when needed, absolutely free of charge. Christina claims raising Mark IV has been an amazingly enjoyable and gratifying experience. Find out more about this astounding organization and ways that you can get involved here.

Preferring to use a mobile device while studying due to less bulk and better service connections around her home, Christina uses her phone for about 4 to 5 hours a day. Some of her favorite apps include Alien Blue, a popular Reddit app, Evernote, Instagram, Pinterest, and StudyBlue. Discover some ways students are using StudyBlue’s study tools to study more efficiently today. Christina generally makes flashcards at the beginning of every chapter to ensure more time to study before exams and quizzes. Her favorite feature, which she believes is shared by many, is the ability to access pre-typed definitions so that you may cut down the time you spend making your own set of flashcards. Also, Christina recommends that if you plan to set your profile to public, you should specifically label your study guides, flashcard decks and other study materials so that your work is decipherable to others. This helps to eliminate any confusion that you or your classmates may encounter upon revisiting your work and more time for precious studying.

Christina is currently majoring in Computer Information Systems because it couples her fascination with computer technology and business alike. After graduation, she sees herself working in a startup company at an entry-level position. Even though she is nearing graduation, she has only narrowed down a few potential locations to work. As for the specifics of the job, she has a wide open playing field ahead of her. She believes that using StudyBlue has increased her GPA simply because she has more time to study, and less time wasted organizing and creating tedious study guides. Her advice to students is that pure memorization is not key. If you do not actually attempt to understand concepts and create your own practice problems and questions, you will have learned nothing. Most importantly, she advises students to never procrastinate!

Thanks to Christina for taking the time to talk with us about your studying experience with StudyBlue. If you want to be featured as part of our User Spotlight Blog, email erina(at)studyblue(dot)com.
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