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With a population hitting the 6 million mark, Arizona, nicknamed the Grand Canyon State, is filled with busy cities and versatile natural environments. It is here that Christy, a student at Arizona State University, grew up and still visits on a weekly basis. Christy is currently majoring in Tourism Development and Management with the goal of planning events at hotels and at other venues in her future. Check out this interesting tourist infographic highlighting 10 places you should see before they’re gone! Outside of her studies, she enjoys drawing and sketching after long and tedious school days. To make her pictures come to life, her media of choice includes charcoal or colored pencils.

Although Christy does not currently have a smartphone, she spends around 4 to 5 hours a day on her phone, using her computer as well heavily for educational purposes. In the midst of taking a computer literacy course, Christy is equipped with advanced skills in areas such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. With these skills she is able to create creative presentations for herself and classmates. Finding StudyBlue her freshman year of college, she is entering her junior year and feels extremely acquainted with it in it’s entirety. When studying, Christy first creates online flashcards, followed by reading her review sheets and quizzes. To end her routine, she begins to flip her newly perfected deck of cards. Completing her normal study routine has created an immense source of boosted studying confidence for Christy! Take a look through EduNova’s “Helping Students Gain Better Study Habits”, web page for helpful links and articles to enhance your studying techniques.

Christy’s advice to students using StudyBlue is to always save your flashcards while creating them, and to never wait until the last second before an exam to make them. She claims that she has spent numerous hours making flashcards only to be overwhelmed by the amount of information that she needed to know. Instead, advanced planning and creation of flashcards can ease stress and anxiety, as well as allow more time for you to study before test day. Furthermore, Christy states, “Three pieces of advice I have for students studying for exams is to: plan ahead, set limits for yourself, and to follow through.” In her eyes, planning ahead is a key for exam success, while following through and sticking to your plan will allow yourself positive success as well! After graduation, Christy sees herself receiving a part time job at a resort or a hotel somewhere as a front desk employee, eventually hoping to become a banquet assistant.  Christy would like to have her own special events company, complete with a business partner and all!

Thanks to Christy for taking the time to talk with us about your studying experience with StudyBlue. If you want to be featured as part of our User Spotlight Blog, email erina(at)studyblue(dot)com.
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