Meet Julie: StudyBlue Ambassador from Edmonton, Alberta

Meet Julie, a student at both Canada’s Grant Macewan University and the University of Alberta. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Julie’s major in Biological sciences stems from her love of dissection and exploration of body systems. With a profound love of sports, heading out to the park and shooting a few hoops against her brother is something Julie truly enjoys. With her mobile device glued to her hands at all time, she spends at least 4 hours a day on it, along with an iPad she constantly uses to take notes on and access ebooks by her side as well.

Incorporating StudyBlue into her daily routine, she prefers to study during breaks by flipping through her numerous flashcard decks. Her favorite feature is the fact that the flashcards show her percentage after each study session, allowing a thorough review of how many terms were correct and which ones that may have been wrong. Saving much needed time is also a plus that the flashcards offer Julie. Her advice to students is to study in moderation, take it slow, and never ever try to cram. Taking it one step at a time will lead to great success!

Do you love using StudyBlue and want to be featured on our website? We’re looking for students and teachers to share about themselves, who they are, and how they use StudyBlue. We have an amazing group of volunteer Student Ambassadors who receive real-life work experience, swag, gift cards, and lots of love from StudyBlue. If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, contact us at ilovesb(at)studyblue(dot)com to be featured or to get more information about our StudyBlue Ambassadors!

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Erin is a Student Relations Intern at StudyBlue and a student at UW Madison. She interacts with students and encourages them to seek and apply new ideas to their life to ensure they succeed both inside the classroom and out of it. She is happy to respond to any questions or comments from students or educators seeking a student's perspective.

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