Meet Megan: StudyBlue Ambassador from Gibbsboro, New Jersey

Meet Megan, a student from Gibbsboro, NJ, currently continuing her education at Camden County College.

What are you majoring in?

I initially started off at a private college majoring in Communications. I am now beginning a career program to become a Registered Dietetic Technician because it fits my interests more appropriately.

What are your favorite things to do outside of school?

I have been playing softball for as long as I can remember and I miss being able to play everyday, so I keep up my physical exercise at home by walking my dogs and staying fit through regular exercise.

Where do you see yourself heading after graduation?

I soon plan on interviewing with professionals in my field to get a feel for the work environment and variety the work brings. I also desire to own a business and I plan to be a healthcare professional, preferably for kids and family, taking my knowledge and skills to the food and restaurant business.

What are some of your favorite mobile phone applications?

I always have my phone in my hand or in my pocket, it is my go-to for knowledge. My favorite, most used applications on my phone include Facebook, WordPress to keep up my blog about food and nutrition, Instagram to post my food pictures, Mail, and Messages to keep up with the world. I use my phone multiple hours a week for studying and prefer to use a mobile device or computer to take notes because I am not restricted by the traditional pen and paper.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily routine?

I incorporate StudyBlue into my daily routine to learn the terminology for coursework, and the online flashcard feature is my favorite. Sorting cards and terms fast and efficiently, I am able to grade myself and put notecards in “right and wrong” piles to help me see where I stand in my course of studying.

What is your advice to fellow students?

My advice to students is to simply utilize the resources to your benefit. Don’t delay studying even if you are getting 100 percent of the terms wrong, because the next time you tackle the deck you will be more familiar with the terms!

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  1. Karen Graham,

    I am having trouble using the style blue flash cards. How do you print, my print all on 1 page, and the definition is very light can’t read. I also want to save to my table/phone not sure how. Very confuse but I really love the idea. Please help

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