Meet Anjali: StudyBlue Ambassador from San Diego, California

Meet Anjali, a student at Del Norte High School from San Diego, California.


What do you love about your school?

I love going to my school. Everyone is so kind to each other. I am freshman there, and I am extremely short and one of the youngest people in the entire school. Despite that, everyone is super nice to me. It is a really relaxing, stress-free environment. The teachers are all so helpful and entertaining. I love how spirited our school is too. Everyone always goes all out every Friday expressing our love for the school. Everyone is wearing blue and green! Del Norte is like a second home to me, and so many people there are an extended family.


What are you majoring in and why did you choose it?

As of right now, I am a ninth grader at my high school. I feel as though my door has just opened to a wide range of possibilities. Overall, in school I enjoy everything and I think I am really well-rounded in all of my subjects. Right now, I am taking 3D Computer Animation, Biology, Spanish 3, ENS (Exercise and Nutritional Science), and Algebra 3. I really enjoy 3D Computer Animation. I feel like it is magic making all the 3D objects on the computer. For sciences, I am really interested in Chemistry. It is the perfect combination of math and science. Furthermore, I am really interested in exploring the world of engineering.

What is your favorite activity to partake in outside of school?

Personally, I do not have one favorite activity to partake in outside of school. Though my top three would be volunteering, playing soccer, and playing my music. I love volunteering at my local library, and I have been volunteering there for quite a long time. I also volunteer at other places like schools, but not as frequently as at the library. Then, I love playing soccer. I have made so many friends playing soccer. It is a team sport, so it has taught  me a lot about being part of a team. I also just love the sport in general. I love running around, scoring goals, and making so many friends! Lastly, I love music. I have been learning how to play the piano since I was nine and how to play the flute since I was eleven. Music has always been a part of me, it is very natural to me. I know all the notes like the back of hand, maybe even better! Music has been a passion of mine. The thing I love the most is probably being able to create such beautiful sounds with taps of my finger and some blows of my mouth. I especially enjoy the satisfaction of putting all the pieces together, the notes and rhythms, everything, and having a song.

After graduation, where do you see yourself heading?

After graduation, I see myself heading to college. I would like to get at least a Masters Degree in whatever that it is that I decide to major in. Then, I probably see myself working. Whatever my job may end up to be, I hope that I am extremely successful and contribute a lot to the team that I work with. I would prefer a job where people are working together and it is a bit more social. I feel as though you can learn so much more if you are working as a team. After that, I will probably settle down a bit, and raise a family. The rest of it gets a bit hazy and my future is unclear. Though, I see success in it if I continue to work as hard as I do now.

On average, how much time would you say you use a mobile device?

Personally, I think that I use my mobile device around 2 hours a day. My mobile device is extremely accessible for me to use. It is usually at a hands length away. If I need to research something really quickly or check my email, I do not want to have to waste five minutes just to turn on the computer. My phone will only take me under thirty seconds to turn on. Furthermore, I use my Google Nexus often. That is usually where I use StudyBlue. It helps me study on a bigger screen I think. The information is more readily remembered for me.

What are your favorite 5 applications you find yourself always using on your mobile device?

On my mobile device, my favorite five applications that I always find myself using are my email, the internet, Pandora, StudyBlue, and the Camera/ Panorama. I am always trying to stay updated with my email. I probably check it around fifteen times a day. If you email me, you will probably get a reply as soon as possible. Then, I am always using the internet usually checking my grades. After that, Pandora. I love listening to music. I feel like it is really relaxing and makes time go faster, especially when I am doing something that I do not really enjoy to do. Next, I go on StudyBlue very often. I think it is an important key to the success in a lot of my quizzes and I should regularly review and create flashcards. Lastly, I use my camera pretty often. Everytime I see something really cool I have to take a picture so that I will never forget it.

How much time do you use a mobile device for studying?

I would say that I use my mobile device for two plus hours for studying. My primary application that I use to study is StudyBlue. I love how easy it is to make the flashcards. I use it on my Google Nexus quite often and I spend tons of time on my tablet studying for the hundreds of things that I seem to be tested for every week.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily/weekly routine?

After every science learning target (standards), I make flashcards on them. When my quiz comes up, around once a week, I will study my stack of flashcards. Just today, I was studying for my science quiz which I have tomorrow. I really like how StudyBlue allows me to track my progress overall, which ones I got right and wrong, and what I should study more. It helps me study more effectively. I have saved so much time not studying the things that I don’t need to. I also really like being able to quiz myself on StudyBlue. It is a great feature. I am thinking of starting to use it to study for my Health class.

What would you consider to be your favorite feature on StudyBlue?

I basically just love the flashcards. I signed up for StudyBlue because I knew it was amazing from experiences from the people I know. I needed an easier way to have flashcards that aren’t so bulky at easy to lose. I love how StudyBlue is all connected to the internet and you can access it basically anywhere you would like. It does not save to your computer, but to your actual account! You can use also them like normal flashcards, term or definition first.

Any advice for students on how to prepare for exams?

My advice for students on how to prepare for exams is to study what you don’t already know. Don’t waste your time reviewing things you are confident in. I would also recommend reading the textbook a couple of times, especially read the examples and look at the visual representations of everything. I find that if it is information that you are studying, like in social studies and science, then you should make some sort of flashcards so that you can self study to improve. If it is like writing an essay in english, or just math, practice is the best thing you can do. Practice writing some sample essays or do some practice problems for math. Especially for math, doing practice problems is the best thing that you can do. Practice really does make perfect! Lastly, make sure that you are not memorizing random facts. What you study, you should actually understand. I find that it helps to be able to connect different things together and how they might work together. Having some examples in mind has always helped me grab my A’s in all my subjects.

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