Meet Jonathan: StudyBlue Ambassador from San Antonio, Texas

Meet Jonathan, a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio from San Antonio, Texas.

What do you love about your school and what is your major?

I love this university because of the good vibe around campus. It’s a very lively environment filled with different types of people that want to get to know each other. I am currently a Biology major. I chose this major because of a dental program that I want to apply for in the spring. This program would allow me to enroll into dental school a year early. However, the catch is to major in Biology. Owning my own business has been a dream for a while and becoming a dentist would satisfy that dream.

What is your favorite activity to do outside of school?

My favorite activity outside of school is to honestly hang out with friends. I don’t like a boring lifestyle. I like to meet new people and try new things. After graduation, I see myself in a career in providing a service to others. Whether that may be dentistry or not, helping other people is something that I am good at.

How much time do you spend on your mobile device?

On average, I spend more than 6 hours on a mobile device. I use it for school and leisure. My favorite apps would have to be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, StudyBlue, and Notability. I use technology for studying about 90% of the time, or about 4 hours a day. All my notes are electronic so I rarely use notebooks (except for the rare professor who still hates electronics).

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your study routine?

I incorporate StudyBlue into my weekly routine by studying the flashcards for biology and history. I read them over maybe three times a week and even more the week of a test. My favorite feature of StudyBlue would have to be the ability to use other’s flashcards. There are instances when I do not have time to create my own, so I search under class materials and I get to studying.

Any advice for students preparing for exams?

My advice for students preparing for exams is to prepare well in advance. Spread the work over a period of time so that you are less stressed the night before. The night before the test should just be a quick recap.

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