Meet Kaitlyn: StudyBlue Ambassador from Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Meet Kaitlyn, a student at the University of Notre Dame originally from Berwyn, PA.

What do you love about your school and what are you majoring in?

I love the school spirit and the school unity here. We talk about a ‘Notre Dame Family’ and I really feel as if we are a family. I can rely on my friends to celebrate the happy things with me and commiserate and also be there for me for the sad things. The entire school will celebrate an important win for a sports team, and will also come together and support someone who is having a hard time or even just a worthy cause that someone has founded or brought to the university’s attention.



What are you majoring in and why did you choose it?

I am majoring in both Computer Science and Italian. I chose computer science because, while I find it really intellectually stimulating and challenging, I also feel that I will rarely, if ever, have to ask ‘will I ever use this information outside of the classroom?’ I feel as if I learn things that I can apply to projects I would work on in a professional situation and I feel like this major really teaches me things I will use and need to know when I do start looking for employment. I also feel a sense of satisfaction when I successfully create or improve something with a program I have written. I chose my Italian major because I fell in love with Dante and Italian Opera. I felt that I could best learn more about those two things not only by taking classes in them, but also by learning the Italian language so I could try to better understand the language that they were created in.

What is your favorite activity to partake in outside of school?

My favorite activity to partake in outside of school (and outside of school clubs) would be my photography job. I love taking pictures of athletic events because I really enjoy helping promote the University’s athletic teams. Notre Dame does a great job of promoting their sports teams and the students love to cheer them on. I love being a part of supporting the athletic teams because I feel that they are a significant part of our identity as a University. After graduation, I don’t really see myself heading to a particular location, but I do see myself working in the computer industry. I currently am interested in working in either software development or security.

On average, how much time would you say you use a mobile device and what are your favorite 5 Applications?

I spent about 4 hours a day using my mobile device and I find myself using my email application (to keep up to date with the emails I receive during the day), QuickVoice (to record my classes so I can play them back when doing laundry or cleaning my room), Kindle (for reading for classes and for fun), Spotify (so I can listen to the radio while I program), and Candy Crush (for the odd 5 minutes while waiting for the bus or for a quick study break). Additionally, I would say about 30-50% of the time I spend on my mobile phone is used for studying.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your routine and what is your favorite feature? 

I definitely see StudyBlue becoming a part of my routine when I start studying for the midterms that are coming up. My favorite feature would be the ability to add images to flashcards. It is going to be really useful for my Art History exams.

Any advice for students on how to prepare for exams?

My advice would be all about repetition. The more time you spend on something just drilling it into your head, the more likely you will remember it come crunch time. That’s why I would recommend flashcards!

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