Meet Alexandra: StudyBlue Ambassador from Danville, California


Meet Alexandra, a student from Danville, CA. Attending DVC in both San Ramon and Pleasant Hill, CA. Alexandra loves the teachers and their passion for their students. She also enjoys Pleasant Hill’s huge campus because it feels like a town, and the variety of food in the commons and cheap supplies at the bookstore.

What are you majoring in and why did you choose it?

I am  majoring in Illustration with an emphasis in character conceptual art and minoring in Psychology. Since I was young, I was inspired by Disney movies which grew into a love for animated films and video games. Within the movies, the characters fascinated me and I would love to design them one day!

What is your favorite activity outside of school?

Outside of school I enjoy digital sketching and painting with my tablet. Sometimes I connect with my friends from out of state and collaboratively draw together.

It’s a big, big world out there! After graduation where do you see yourself heading?

After graduation I would like to get my AA in art at DVC and transfer to California College of the Arts for a BA in Illustration. Upon exiting with a BA, my goal is to work freelance for art departments in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do you use your technology to your studying advantage and what are some of your favorite apps?

I enjoy constant connections to people and the world, so I use my mobile device on and off all day long. Some of my favorite applications include StudyBlue, Duolingo, Mindsnacks:French, Tumblr, and Facebook. Studying mobily around 1 to 2 hours per day, it is an easy way to study between classes or when I have to be away from the computer to catch up on studying or writing a paper. In my opinion, a computer offers a bigger screen which is easier on my eyes and I don’t worry about draining my phones battery, but a phone allows for a quicker on the go study.

How do you use StudyBlue in your daily routine?

When it comes to StudyBlue, between my classes I like to study flashcards. When I am stuck in the car, StudyBlue helps to pass the time. My favorite feature is online flashcards and their sharing ability. Having most of my classmates emails in one spot to connect if needed is extremely helpful.

Do you have any advice for others on how to study better?

My advice to others is that when you are a passenger in a car, take advantage of the StudyBlue App instead of getting a million paper flashcards that have a tendency to be overwhelming and messy. It totally depends on the individual’s learning and studying style so find out yours and then either find quiet time to study or connect with others. Either can help!

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