Meet Gabrielle: StudyBlue Ambassador from Tampa, Florida

Meet Gabrielle, a student at Columbia University from from Tampa, Florida (born in Brooklyn though).

What do you love about your school and what are you majoring in?

I really love everything about my school. I love my floor mates and living in NYC, I even love my dorm. I’m majoring in Computer Science because I took an intro course and I found myself actually enjoying the readings on how to program in Java and I did an assignment FIVE WHOLE DAYS early. Completely unprecedented. I knew something was up.

What do you like to do outside of school and where do you see yourself after graduation?

Outside of school, I really like going to museums, especially art museums. It’s probably because I also like making art. After graduation, I will likely take a year off and travel, then later hopefully landing a sweet job as a video game graphics programmer.

How much do you use your mobile device and what are your favorite applications?

I use my phone a lot, especially when I’m in public and alone because I want to seem like I’m busy, but since school started, not so much. Maybe an hour or two a day including calls and texts. I enjoy an app called Timetable because it keeps track of my school schedule/assignments, Sleepy Sounds for a noise machine, Google Play for my music, Snapchat because I have a problem, and Facebook Messenger. I really only use my phone for last minute studying. I’m fortunate enough to have a laptop so I just bring it with me everywhere I need to study. But I use it a LOT. A LOT a lot.

What is your favorite StudyBlue feature?

The pictures in the flashcards! I’m currently planning on minoring in Visual Arts, which requires art history classes, which means that I have to learn by sight quite a few works of art. This is really effective because just writing the names of the paintings and quizzing myself on dates, etc. helps me absolutely unless I can recognize the art.

Any advice for students on preparing for exams?

The best way to prepare for exams, especially if you’re pressed for time, is to divide the work up into reasonable chunks. Do what you can in 25 minutes. If you aren’t done with the chunk (like, more than a page away from the end of a chapter), stop anyway, take a 5 minute break. Skim what’s left for like 5 minutes, then move on to the next chunk. Don’t study in the morning.

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