Meet Jolene: StudyBlue Ambassador from Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Meet Jolene, a student originally from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, currently attending Lebanon Valley College.

What do you love about your school and what are you majoring in?

I enjoy the openness of my campus and how everyone in it seems to get along and have a lot of fun. I am currently majoring in Accounting and am hoping to add Business Administration as a double major in the spring. I chose to major in Accounting because it is something that was always interesting to me and I hope to be a Certified Public Accountant one day.

What are your favorite things to do outside of school?

Outside of school, my favorite activity to partake in is being a mentor to an elementary student. I have always loved kids and this is a great way to help out in the community.

Where do you see yourself heading after graduation?

I am graduating in May of 2017. After graduation I see myself studying to take the Certified Public Accountant exam, and eventually opening up my own accounting firm.

What are some of your favorite mobile phone applications?

I spend about one third of my time using a mobile device. My favorite apps include Talk to Text, Skype, GPS, Facebook, and Map My Run to help me  keep up with the world while exploring new people and new things.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily routine?

I use StudyBlue consistently and like to create flashcards. I prefer to study on a mobile device because it is more on-the-go and a quick and easy way to look over study materials. With StudyBlue, I like to incorporate other classmates into my study groups because collaborating with others and not solely myself helps me to make sure that I am well prepared for each exam. I am not only able to understand more content myself, but it also helps classmates understand more too.

Any advice to fellow students?

My advice to students is that StudyBlue is a very effective tool to use and students should take advantage of every aspect of it. I recommend one word: flashcards! They are a very effective way to study and prepare!

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