Meet Ariel: StudyBlue Ambassador from Kent, CT

Meet Ariel, a student at prep school Kent in CT, originally from Japan where she has lived for most of her life.

What do you love about your school?

I go to Kent school in CT, which is a prep-boarding school. This is my third year at Kent, but I just love everything about it. Kent has a beautiful campus, and it provided me many opportunities that I loved and continued. I picked up many sports and extra activities that I have never done before coming to Kent. Also, the community is great. I can talk about Kent for hours.

What are you majoring in and why did you choose it?

I am in high school, so I am not yet majored in anything, but I am thinking about majoring in Medicine in college. It has been my dream to become a doctor since I was in pre-school. I am taking AP Biology and I am loving that class right now. I also went to Nepal this summer for a medical volunteer and though it gave me an insight of the negative part of being a doctor, I still haven’t changed my mind. My will for becoming a doctor actually got stronger.

What is your favorite activity to partake in outside of school?

Although it counts as a school sport, I am a coxswain for the crew team at Kent, which is my favorite activity outside of the academics. I also run cross country, and dance. I love singing and I am in all of my choir clubs at my school, and I am also the president for Model United Nation.  These are couple of my favorite activities that I do outside of academics in school. Again, I go to a prep school so everything that is outside of school usually are all school related.

After graduation, where do you see yourself heading?

I am still a high school student so I see myself going to college. But, I also see myself traveling to different countries and seeing and expanding the world that I know. I am thinking about going to Africa for a gap year.

How much time would you say you use a mobile device and what are your favorite applications?

I will be on my iPhone for about 2 hours per day and on my computer for about 3-6 hours per day. I spend about an hour on my phone, and about 3-5 hours on my computer for studying. I use Facebook, Safari, Dictionary, Spotify, and iTunes.

How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily/weekly routine and what is your favorite feature?

I use it mostly all the time for vocabulary for English classes and flashcards for all of my classes. I will always have one tab for StudyBlue since I will add in more vocab terms when I don’t know a word in class. My favorite feature on StudyBlue is just the easiness to connect with other people who are studying the same materials. It is easy to share it with your friends who go to the same school and have the same teacher, and that allows us to study together or to see how other people are prepping for a test or a quiz.

Do you have any advice for students on how to prepare for exams?

My advice on how to prepare for exams is to not to cram and to keep studying every single day. It doesn’t have to be a lot but even glancing at your notes for 5 minutes for everyday will help you when you study for exams. When it is during your exam week, try to go over your tests and check where your weakness is. It is important to know where you are weak so you know to be careful when the similar problems comes out. And lastly, to sleep well. If we sabotage sleeping, all of our work will just go downhill. It is highly important to get a good night sleep before exams.

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