Meet the Interns

Left to Right: Marketing interns Daniel, Madeleina and Madison.

Now introducing our summer interns: Madeleina, Madison, and Daniel!  They’re helping out in the Marketing department by running our social media accounts, conducting market research, and contributing to this blog. Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know them better.

Q: Why did you decide to work at StudyBlue?

Madeleina: I was interested in working at a startup in San Francisco, and since I was already familiar with StudyBlue’s product, it seemed like an ideal place to gain experience.

Madison: I’m really interested in marketing so I was first attracted by that aspect.  I was also excited by the fact that it’s a startup because I think that working for such a rapidly growing company is a really valuable experience.

Daniel: Ever since a friend of mine started working in the City five years back, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of the San Francisco startup. Just a few people, joined together by an idea and not much more, who rent out a space and come to work and make their dream a reality. At the chance to be a part of StudyBlue, I knew I had to say yes.

Q: Where do you go to school, what year are you in and what do you study?

Madeleina: I will be a senior at Tulane University in the fall. I’m majoring in both Art History and International Relations.

Madison:  I’m going to be a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying in the Wharton School of Business where I will most likely be concentrating in Marketing and Finance.

Daniel: I’m an incoming senior at UCLA, majoring in Economics and concentrating in Programming.

Q: What’s your favorite thing you do at StudyBlue?

Madeleina: My favorite thing is writing for our blog. Madison and I brainstorm ideas for what to write about together, and I like doing the research that goes into each post.

Madison: Like Madeleina, I really enjoy writing for our blog; researching and writing our posts is actually really fun.  I also like engaging with our users through our various social media account; getting to interact with our students is such great experience!

Daniel: My favorite thing so far at StudyBlue has been to sit in on the meetings, especially the all-hands ones. It is one of the biggest reasons I am here: to observe and ask questions and really understand what it takes to drive a product and be a successful company.

Daniel and our Head of Marketing, Michelle.

Q: What is your favorite class that you’ve taken in college?

Madeleina: This past spring I took an Art History course on contemporary art since 1950. Prior to that class, I’d mostly studied Renaissance and Baroque art, so my knowledge of contemporary artists and artworks was minimal. I ended up loving the class and learning a ton; my professor was very passionate about the artists we spoke about and made contemporary art, which can often be obscure and difficult to comprehend, accessible.

Madison:  Last fall I took a really interesting, project-based class in Management.  It’s a core requirement for my program so all Freshmen in Wharton take it.  Each team of 10 students works on a project with a Philadelphia non-profit; my team partnered with the Urban Nutrition initiative and organized a dinner event where we raised about $5,000.  Working with such a great organization was an incredible experience and I really loved having the opportunity to apply everything that I was learning in the classroom to the real world.

Daniel: I may have romanticized it in retrospect, but Econ 1 as a freshman. I remember how interesting it was to re-examine so many ordinary things – traffic, grocery store lines, gas prices, homelessness – through the lens of economics, how fascinating it was to watch my professor quantify and explain these things. Either Econ 1 or Intro to C++, where learning to code was like magic.

Q: What do you like about working in San Francisco?

Madeleina: Having grown up just a few miles away, San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities. I like that I can walk to the StudyBlue offices from the train station, and that the weather in this neighborhood is always sunny!

Madison:  I’ve always loved San Francisco so I was really excited to work here.  It’s an incredible city with so many things to do when I get off work.  From shopping in Union Square, to exploring new restaurants or even taking the ferry as my commute to work, it’s just such a great city!

Daniel: San Francisco is a city full of character, from the people to the businesses, the architecture to the many hills, and everything in between. Even the 15-minute walk from the train station to work is filled with life and action… and the constantly mid-70’s weather definitely helps!

Madeleina and Madison on their first day.

Q: What’s your favorite feature of StudyBlue/What do you use it most for?

Madeleina: As an Art History major, I find the ability to add images to flash cards is super helpful. I used to hand-make flashcards by cutting out an image of each artwork and gluing it to an index card, which was pretty time-consuming. StudyBlue allows me to make a flashcard deck for each exam in a fraction of the time.

Madison:  I really like the ability to create and access notes across all my devices.  I’m a fast typer so I like creating flashcards on the computer, but it’s super easy to study on the go with the app on my phone or iPad.  Also I really like the ability to add media to cards.  I was enrolled in a World Music and Cultures class last spring and we had to be able to recognize different songs, musical styles and instruments.  Being able to add pictures and audio to my cards was so helpful in studying for the exams because I could easily study exactly what I would be tested on.

Daniel: StudyBlue has been a huge help for me because it is mobile! I took a jazz history class sophomore year for a GE and had to fulfill my foreign language requirement last year; for both of these classes, there were a lot of terms, a lot of matching names to descriptions. Sometimes it would be hard to find time to sit down with my textbook and learn all these things, but luckily, with StudyBlue, I could review my terms from my phone whenever I had the chance: walking to class, waiting in lines, at a friend’s, etc. The app has been a huge help to me!

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