6 Ways to Make College Move In Easier

Getting ready to move in to your new dorm is stressful, not to mention a ton of work.  Follow these tips to make your move in stress-free!

1. Plan ahead and start early!  Start preparing to move back to school NOW.  Packing always takes longer than you anticipate, and you really don’t want to spend your final days of summer throwing clothes into suitcases and taping up boxes.  Instead, spend a little time packing and organizing each day.  Make sure you don’t forget anything by making a list of everything you’ll need.

2.  Purge! Don’t bring things to college you won’t actually use.  In dorm rooms, space is extremely limited.  Get rid of clothing you no longer wear and consider leaving more speciality items at home.  If you’re debating about an item, it’s better not to bring it.  If you really miss it you can always pick it up when you’re home over break or have it sent to you mid-year.

Source: taxslayer.com

Source: taxslayer.com

3. Don’t pack dirty clothes.  This may seem obvious but before you leave make sure all your clothes are clean.  Dry clean items that need it (you probably won’t have a car on campus and access to a dry cleaners may be difficult) and make sure everything else is washed and spot-free.  Also, consider leaving stained clothing items behind; even if it’s a shirt you love, how often are you going to wear something that always looks dirty?

4. Do your research.  Poke around your school’s website and make sure you know where you’re going, how you’re getting there, where to park etc.  Even if you’ve been in the area before, schools often block off nearby streets to direct traffic during peak move-in time.  Make sure you’re aware of this beforehand and have printed all the necessary paperwork, parking passes, and visitor permits for family members.

Source: Dorm Delicious

Source: Dorm Delicious

5. Buy stuff there.  Especially if you’re going to school far away and have to fly there, purchase some larger items once you arrive in your new city.  Things like mattress pads, bedding and lamps take up a lot of space in the car (and are nearly impossible to bring on a plane).  Research what store options are available to you once on campus and consider making a quick shopping trip or having items shipped to you there.  Companies offer services, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s in-store “Pack and Hold,” where you can pick out bedding etc. at your local store and then pick up the actual products at a location on or near your campus.

6. Contact your roommate.  Once you’ve been assigned a roommate, most schools will provide you with some basic contact information.  After you’ve finished Facebook stalking them (we know that’s your first instinct), reach out so you can figure out who’s bringing a few essential items.  You definitely don’t need two mini-fridges, microwaves or TVs so organize this with your roommate before hand.  If you’re both coming from far away, consider renting a mini-fridge/microwave unit from your school so you don’t have to ship or store it over the summer.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

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