A New Look & Feel, Plus An Important Change

Since launching StudyBlue five years ago we’ve been proud to serve as the go-to place to create, find, share and learn study material with your fellow students. It’s an incredible journey. We wouldn’t be host to the fastest growing library of study material, used by 1 in 5 college students, without our dedicated community of users. We are committed to being here for you — tomorrow, next year, and five years from now. The next step in moving that mission forward involves a few important changes which we’ve outlined here.

An App Redesign

We’re launching a host of updates to the app and brand with a new web design to make learning what you need simpler and faster than ever. The new StudyBlue will help you create, find, and learn material with greater ease and speed.

• Personalize how you review cards with our new grid or list layouts

• Search by textbook and author to find additional study material or information you’re missing faster

• Use the new ‘Interests’ category to prepare for anything from standardized tests to your weekend job and hundreds of topics in between

The new site will be open to all users in August, with the option to switch back to StudyBlue classic until September 1. The new StudyBlue will continue to offer the study tools you love for free, including review mode, personalized quizzes, and progress tracking. You can create your own cards, use suggested cards during the creation process, and explore cards, decks, and notes across the entire shared library at no cost.

Important Change

StudyBlue Pro is expanding! Our shared library of study materials has now surpassed 250 million and is growing rapidly. StudyBlue Pro now includes unlimited access to the the world’s largest content library, full access to study guides, advanced editing features like audio, images, text formatting, and equations plus the ability to hide and unhide cards while studying, and, for a limited time, full access to all study guides.

Have a great year ahead!

The StudyBlue Team

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  1. Pachi,

    The new design is terrible. There is no way to revert to the original even though it says there is. There is no way to get help because all of the pages form the “old look” are set up as errors.

  2. Kelsey07,

    I can not figure out how to make a new folder under my backpack, I can only make a new folder under existing folders. I am not a fan of this…

  3. slpsalot,

    I’ve tried creating a new folder for my backpack called NURS 2700 and it keeps forcing it into being called 2750 which is another class I need to set up separately. ARGH!!!!!!

  4. mick_mock,

    I am having problems accessing anything on the new Study Blue. After a promising start to having their service desk help resolve it, all communication from them has stopped and I’m stuck with a paid subscription for a service that I can no longer use. I’ve tried all the suggested solutions and I give up. It’s been almost a week since I had any response and the semester’s in full swing and I’m falling more and more behind the longer I can’t use StudyBlue. So I’m saying goodbye and I’ll find another service that will work. Thirty bucks is more than I can really lose right now but I need a flashcard service that works. Sorry guys. You just lost a loyal member because of poor customer service. Even a simple acknowledgement that my emails have been received would have gone a long way.

  5. Emily,

    I don’t know how to transfer flashcards from one class to another, which is a problem because many of classes have the same terms and I don’t want to take the time to rewrite terms that I already have. Personally I prefer the old model better since I already knew how to use it. Thankfully, I don’t really have a class this semester that requires flashcards so even though I’m having troubles I can still find other ways to study.

  6. Carmine,

    Im trying to upload the files for my unit in to my backpack that were recommended by my tutor but I cant!!!!! youve made itr worse I was seriously considering of up grading but youve jus amde it worse
    — I need to acces this reasource- things are now diffcult to use… whats the deal
    So angry…

  7. Rhodie,

    Can we no longer access old flash card sets that we created? Did StudyBlue really revoke access so they could sell us rights to materials we created? I’ve recommended studyblue to a dozen or more friends… not anymore.

    • christine,

      yeah they’re forcing everyone to upgrade to PRO basically- I switched to quizlet- thought I wouldn’t like it but it’s actually much easier and you don’t get cut off with “too long”

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