How StudyBlue can help you tackle your SATs

Standardized tests are no one’s idea of a good time, but they are a necessary evil in order to pursue college after high school. What with college applications, AP courses, and extracurricular activities, you probably don’t want to spend any more time than necessary preparing for the exam (much less spend a perfectly good Saturday morning taking a test!) Luckily, StudyBlue has some great resources to help you prepare for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT.


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Good news – high school students all over the country are studying for the same exam you are, which means that plenty of students have contributed their vocabulary decks to the StudyBlue library. This deck is great for comprehension because it has an example sentence for each word, and this deck is helpful for learning quick, concise definitions.

When studying English vocabulary, the best way to improve your comprehension is to understand different prefixes and suffixes. Knowing these will help you deduce the meaning of a word even if you don’t know its specific definition. Try this deck for English prefixes, and this one for suffixes.


StudyBlue can also help you with the math section of the SAT or ACT. If math isn’t your strongest subject, don’t fret – the math questions asked on both tests can be easily conquered by understanding the types of questions that will be asked and by memorizing some basic formulas. In this PrepScholar article, the author explains how an 800 Math score is within your reach if you take the time to practice taking the test questions and to learn some strategies. Studying flashcards with some important formulas, like this deck, will help drill into your brain the equations you need to know.

SAT Subject Tests

If you’ve taken an AP class, you are probably prepared to take the SAT subject test in that subject. It’s a good idea to review what you’ve learned in the course, which is why StudyBlue flashcard decks will come in handy. StudyBlue has plenty offer when it comes to study materials for any AP class, such as AP Psychology, AP US History, AP World History or AP Calculus.

Start Studying Early

It’s true for all tests, but it is especially true that for standardized tests, cramming is not your best tactic! We recommend studying a little bit each day for several weeks leading up to the test date. Keep your flashcards in the StudyBlue app so that you can review them any time you have a few free minutes – waiting for the bus, standing in line for coffee, or on the elliptical. Now go on and ace your SAT!



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