College Campuses with the Craziest Perks

These days, there are so many colleges and universities for high school seniors to choose from that the schools have to find new ways to stand out to applicants. One way to do this, besides offering big scholarships or boasting of their world-class faculty and classroom experience, is to build ever-more-impressive dorms, dining halls and extra on-campus amenities. Below is a list of some of the most extravagant perks some U.S. colleges are now offering to their students:

1) Lazy river and beach club – University of Missouri

Image credit: mizzourec.com

Image source: mizzourec.com

This is starting to sound like a resort you might go to for spring break rather than an on-campus recreation center. But it’s for real: Mizzou’s state-of-the-art rec center features the indoor “Tiger Grotto,” complete with a waterfall and palm trees lining the lazy river, and when the weather’s nice enough, an outdoor pool/beach club called Truman’s Pond.

2) An on-campus movie theater and steak house – High Point University

Ie, a pretty convenient (albeit frugal) date night. The best part is that the movie theater is entirely free, and the steak house takes dining points. Is this place…real?

3) A ski-in, ski-out campus – Michigan Technological University

Okay, maybe you can’t actually ski right in and out of your classrooms, but when you need to shred some powder, you don’t have to travel far because this college has a ski mountain on campus. Two chairlifts, twenty-four runs – what more could you ask for?

Image credit: mtu.edu

Image source: mtu.edu

4) Activities for daaays – University of Central Florida

Discounted tickets to the nearby Disney World parks? Check. Free access to paddle boats and kayaks for the on-campus lake? Check. A holiday carnival with a ferris wheel and ice rink, to make Central Florida feel a little more winter-y come Christmas? Check! How do you get any school done with these amenities nearby?

Image source: flickr.com

Image source: flickr.com

5) A student-run dairy bar – South Dakota State University

It makes sense that an agricultural school like South Dakota would have a place for budding dairy farmers to practice their skills. This adorable shop is run by the school’s Dairy Science Department and sells over 60 flavors of ice cream that the students make themselves. Doesn’t sound like a bad on-campus job!


Image source: sdstate.edu

6) Free laundry – Davidson College

No more digging around in couch cushions for laundry quarters – students at Davidson College enjoy full-service laundry for the price of for free. They’ll pick up your dirty clothes from your dorm and return it to you freshly laundered and folded. You’ll never have an excuse for running out of clean clothes again.

7) Vatican internship program – Villanova University

There are plenty of Catholic universities in this country, but not all of these colleges can say that they send their students to intern for the Pope. Each year, a few lucky students studying communications at Villanova get to spend a semester interning at the Vatican, working on various projects such as the Papal social media accounts or Vatican Radio. Plus, the plane tickets and the cost of living abroad are all covered by the university.

Image credit: historycooperative.org

Image source: historycooperative.org


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