• Christopher Klundt
    CEO & Founder

  • Becky Splitt
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Brad Benz
    Chief Business Officer

  • Michelle Pribyl
    Head of Business Operations

  • Trevor Price
    Head of Engineering

  • Grant Lindsay
    Head of Product

  • Michelle Lee
    Head of Marketing

  • Jack Murgia
    Head of Operations

  • Sherry Zurawik
    Business Manager

  • Josh Slauson

  • David Carty
    Sr. Android Developer

  • Gary DeSorbo
    Sr. Front End Developer

  • Michael Kerley
    Sr. Mobile Developer

  • Mason Holding
    Sr. Server-Side Developer

  • Andrew Geisthardt
    iOS Developer

  • Felicia Wang
    Front End Developer

  • Devon Latzen
    UI Designer

  • Becca Stanger
    UX Developer

  • Jason Tong
    Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Maureen Strokas
    Campus Marketing Manager

  • Emily Coulouras
    Campus Marketing Manager

  • Victor Xie
    Marketing Designer

  • Victor Payluck
    Software QA Engineer

  • Chris Taylor
    Customer Experience

  • Joyce Buensuceso
    Office Manager