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Have ever you considered making a Studygram to motivate yourself to study? A StudyGram is an Instagram blog solely devoted to studying and creating beautiful and organized notes with the use of pens, markers, and illustrations. Making a StudyGram can help you take better notes, focus, and get motivated about the courses you’re taking.


StudyBlue recently had the opportunity to sponsor Jasmine, who is the creator of StudyQuill, in a video about creating a StudyGram. Here are five takeaways on how to make a successful StudyGram, featuring Jasmine’s tips.


  1. Be patient and focus on content


Ink Calligraphy and StudyGram Bujo Work

Studying Notes


Jasmine mentions that the goal of making a StudyGram should be creating content you’re proud of, not getting “famous” on Instagram. Focus on creating high quality and detailed notes, which will help you retain information and create visually exciting content. It can take a long time for you to gain a following on Instagram for your notes, so be genuine, keep at it, and do it for yourself.


  1. Timing & Placement is key


Jasmine recommends posting at the right time to make sure your posts get seen. You can check your Instagram insights to see what is the best time of day or time of week for your audience. Make sure to also use the right hashtags so that your work gets seen by other StudyGrammers. The hashtags Jasmine recommends are studygram, studyblr, studyspo, studyinspiration, study, studying, and studyspiration. Be sure to tag what kind of subject you are studying, such as math, science, or history.


  1. Engage with your following


Ask questions in your description and also support and comment on other StudyGrams. Follow other StudyGrams and engage with them -- remember, joining a community is not one-sided. By following other StudyGrams and engaging with them, you will also learn more tips about StudyGramming that you can use in your own notes.


  1. Create and Post Consistently


Practice makes perfect, and taking better notes makes you a better student. Keep at your notes and also make sure to upload them to your StudyGram to keep the motivation going and share your work to the world. If you don’t have enough time to always take high quality photos in the daytime, take a tip from Jasmine and use a scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule them throughout the week.


  1. Make It Visual


StudyGram Notes Organized

StudyQuill's Study Notes With Images and Graphs


Finally, our own suggestion for creating a StudyGram is to focus on adding graphics, charts, and graphs. Sometimes, it can be hard to visualize complex concepts such as geometry, algebra, and chemistry. Make sure also to organize your notes in columns and paragraphs that make it easier to focus on key concepts, formulas, or conjugations.


Watch the StudyQuill video here: and also check out the StudyBlue Instagram, where we regularly feature our favorite StudyGrammers! For a chance to get featured, simply tag us into your StudyGram notes.


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Study on and keep making beautiful notes!