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If you are looking for the super sized version, StudyBlue Pro is the way to go. StudyBlue free has everything you need to ace those exams but SBPro gives you the ultimate study experience with great extra features that improve your studying even more. Some ingredients added to the StudyBlue mix are the ability to hide cards, an equation editor, downloading shared material and custom text formatting.
Ability to Hide Cards
On your way to super size your studying, the first SBPro feature is to hide cards. The hide cards options filters out cards that you already have mastered so you can spend more time focusing on the cards you still need to learn. When scrolling over a card, an eye icon will appear to the right. Click it to hide a card you would like out of your sight. You can view or unhide all hidden flashcards by scrolling to the bottom of your deck list. No flashcard is unturned when the ability to hide cards is paired with the study filters like Least Studied or Hardest to Easiest. This narrows down your deck to the exact cards you want to study.
Equation editor
Taking a math, engineering, science or other course with lots of equations? No problem. With SBPro’s equation editor, you can easily type your equation on a flashcard and study it anywhere. When creating a new flashcard, you can put in any symbol or ‘sine’ by clicking the f(x) at the top of the new flashcard. Everything you will ever want to complete a stunning equation will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Then just click and type away until your equation is ready for flipping.
Download Shared Material
Another ingredient is the ability to download a document as a PDF. When viewing an uploaded document to the left there is a ‘Download PDF’ button. This gives you another way to share, save to your computer or print the document. The document will automatically download and pop open before your eyes to be used as you want.

Custom Text Formatting
Customize flashcards even more when using text formatting. Want something to stand out in your notes? Bold it. Click the ‘B’ icon or hit command then ‘B’ on your keyboard to instantly make a word or phrase stand out. We have italics too. Hit the ‘i’ icon or command and ‘I’ on your keyboard to give a little slant to your notes. Underline a word to define by selecting the ‘u’ or command plus ‘U’ on your keyboard. Instead of running out of ink for all your different colored pens, use the color option for text. Color coordinate flashcards by selecting ‘T’ at the top of a new flashcard.

If you have any questions on SBPro or upgrading to the premium service, please email info (at) studyblue (dot) com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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