New Grads Share Their Best College Advice!




Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors!

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We know it wasn’t an easy journey, but we are so proud that you made it.


For everyone else, especially our incoming freshmen, don’t forget to listen to older and wiser students that have been through the trials and tribulations of college. We listened to students and collected tidbits of the best advice from our college advice giveaway.


Here are what other students have to say.


For our nervous freshmen packing up to explore a new campus that may be far away from home and friends, remember to not to be afraid to ask questions and speak up for yourself.


@Joyzlynn on Instagram says, “As a shy student, the best advice I've been given is: allow yourself to become comfortable with your voice. Whether it be speaking up in class, visiting an office hour, or standing up for a grade - you have something to say. Give yourself permission to speak up. It's okay to be shy or quiet. Just remember that you do have something to add & it's okay to just be you.”


@MarleyKristin on Twitter adds, “My best advice is to take advantage of everything your school offers! They have so many events and get togethers so it’s important to experience it all.”


Remember that college is your chance to get out of your bubble, expand new horizons, and do something you never had the chance to do before. Try something that scares or excites you, whether it’s debate, or dancing, or a food dish you can’t get at home.


Other students encourage their younger peers to be proactive about time management.


Poor time management is often a huge source of stress for students dealing with heavy course loads.  


@usakostudies on Instagram says, I just recently finished my first year of university.... and it was hectic! My biggest piece of advice is to learn time management because it is important. High school was much easier than this. You can't leave your 5 page essay for the day before because it will backfire on you! Also little assignments like homework and quizzes count a lot!! even if you think they don't, they do!"


@nnbaotran29 advises, “Don’t wait until final week to study. Just start two weeks prior to the finals, look over highlighted concepts and redo the homework and in-class examples of the covered materials. Turn in every assignment because every point counts 👍👍”


To help with time management, the StudyBlue app has reminders to make sure you’re reviewing the important material! Make sure to constantly refresh your memory for subjects like Spanish, Biology, and Sociology to make sure you’re not scrambling at the last moment for the cumulative exam. Make sure to check out the app to get all the resources you need, like Homework Help!


Finally, remember to enjoy yourself and to take time for self-care as well.


It’s important not to get burned out. Maintaining good mental health is important, especially during college!


@jay.jay.jay on Instagram recounts an important lesson she learned. “ Per personal experience, I can say that in between exams, reports, raising a 3-year-old, the lack of sleep and surviving on coffee, can get very overwhelming. I know getting good grades and passing all my classes is very important, and that's why I like to press a reset button sometimes. After a big assignment or difficult exam, I like to treat myself and go to the salon or buy something I really want. Then, I take one day off, where I don't study at all. This helps me recover and also helps me be more energized and motivated for the next one!”


@clowanda on Instagram also agrees. “Work hard, study hard, but don’t forget to leave some time for yourself! Self care is so important, you have to recognize when you need a break and when you need to take some time off and treat yourself to some junk food and friend time.”


As for now, we hope you all get a good summer break. Don’t stress out too much over summer school and remember to take time for your non-academic interests to rejuvenate yourself.


Don’t give up and happy summer break!

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