Meet Alexandra: StudyBlue Ambassador from Danville, California

  Meet Alexandra, a student from Danville, CA. Attending DVC in both San Ramon and Pleasant Hill, CA. Alexandra loves the teachers and their passion…


Tips from Students: How to Prepare for Finals

In our “Studious” blog series this semester, we asked students if they had any advice on how to prepare for final exams.  Below is a compilation…


Kick Finals in the Apps: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The semester is wrapping up, the smell of sweet freedom is in the air and while this past week may have been a doozy, those…


Kick Finals in the Apps: Home Is Where the Homework Is

Whether you’re in the zone for thirty minutes or three hours, the place you choose to study can be a big influencer on your productivity….


Kick Finals in the Apps: Drop the Beats

Jamming to music can provide much-needed relief when studying for finals when they become a bit overwhelming, as well as a great release when finals…


Kick Finals in the Apps: Grab Some Grub

Even though final exams may feel like the most important thing in the world these upcoming weeks, remembering to eat is critical in order to…


The Good Life, The Learning Life

Last week students from across the country and around the world weighed in on how they get through finals. From top study tools to locations,…

Challenge Accepted

Get in the Study Zone

Don’t you love the smell of fresh finals in the morning? We know we do because with each final, another flashcard deck is filled, flipped…