Shopping for Students: Holiday Gifts That Won’t Break the Budget


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Miss out on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush during your Thanksgiving holiday? Have no fear, the chance to get good deals on presents for your family friends is still here. It’s not easy financing college life while also being a good daughter, brother, significant other, or friend, so here are some gifts that will put a smile on their faces but won’t break the bank.


  1. STEAM or Game Gift Card


steam gaming gift card for the holidays or christmas


Have a friend that games? A gift that’s not often expected but very appreciated is a game gift card or credit. A $25 Starbucks gift card has now become a cliche, but $20 to a buddy’s gaming vault could be just the thing they needed, whether it’s towards a new game they’ve been hoping to play, or the new upgrade or modification they’ve been needing.


  1. Novelty Mug


Funny unicorn novelty mug as a gift for the holidays


We all have glasses and cups from obscure tourist attractions and companies you don’t remember your parents working at, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have too many mugs -- especially if it’s one from your favorite TV show or movie. Is your friend a Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney fan? Check out novelty mugs from Simpsons to Pokemon at ThinkGeek, Etsy, Society6, Hot Topic or Spencer’s. Here’s the time to give them something they’ll love for their college dorm or office, or bring up that funny inside joke.


  1. Baked Goods, with Presentation!




Baking is a skill, and your more culinary-challenged friends may appreciate your famous peppermint bark or ginger brownies especially when they’re lounging at home for the holidays. To really the sweeten the deal, put your baked goods in a mason jar and wrap a ribbon around it, attached with a card with some sweet words. It’s a gift that comes from the heart! The cost is only the price of ingredients and your labor.


  1. Warm Winter Socks


Perfect socks for the holidays or Christmas

Image from Sock


Got a friend that has a funky sock collection? Add to their collection some warm winter or cold weather socks that will keep them cozy for this season. They don’t have to prepare you for a snow storm, but they can be fuzzy, slipper socks, or just woolen or cotton socks. Just make sure they have personality! You can find funky patterned socks at Sock, Target, Urban Outfitters, Cotton On, and more.


  1. Creative Cooking Gadgets


pancake maker as a gift for the holidays


Pancake Maker? Cocktail shaker? French Press? What about cupcake molds in the shape of a heart? If you have a family member or friend that loves to make magic in the kitchen, gift them with a novelty kitchen item that’ll get them inspired for baking and food preparation. You can find these neat little gadgets at Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s and more. Make sure to tell the recipient how much you love their cooking - maybe they’ll repay you with some treats as well.


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