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With great talent, comes great rewards!


StudyBlue ran a special contest giveaway for the #StudyGram or #StudyBlr community on Instagram. We received more than 50 amazing entries from StudyGrammers across the United States, from all sorts of subjects.


For those that may not know what a StudyGram is -- it’s an Instagram blog devoted to studying and creating beautiful and organized notes with pens, markers, and illustrations. Making a StudyGram can help you take better notes, focus, and get motivated. It’s also important to have visuals for classes with tough concepts and formulas like chemistry or calculus.


Check out our blog post on how to make a StudyGram here!


After careful deliberation from our panel of judges, we came to pick three talented winners of StudyBlue’s first StudyGram contest giveaway. Here is a feature on our three winners and their incredible StudyGram pictures!


  1. Avery Q or @akqstudies

 study notes studyblue


Avery from San Diego, California combines super neat handwriting with well-organized physics and neurophysiology notes. Remember, all your StudyGrams need to be is helpful and visually coherent to you! The StudyGram with the most bells and whistles isn’t necessarily the best. We also liked Avery’s cute touches with the crochet ice cream and the glasses.


  1. Amanda G or @calliguanphy


midterm notes linear transformations linear algebra notes

Let’s face it, biology and linear algebra are not the easiest concepts to visualize. Amanda from UC Berkeley did an incredible job putting her terms, equations, and formulas in a structure that is easy to understand and refer to. Plus, they’re colorful and fun to look at! Remember that writing and rewriting notes helps engrave the knowledge in your head. Build that muscle memory by studygramming!


  1. Sana S or @sakuraa_329

Neuroscience and Behavior Notes Neuroscience and Behavior Notes


Sana from UT-Dallas is a superstar at drawing visuals. There are a lot of components to remember for biology and psychology, so it’s important to have good visual aids. Sana also shows how you can effectively color-code your notes or use colors to create a theme. We’re a fan of the little Gudetama pencil bag as well!


For their efforts, these amazing three will get a gift package each of Tombow brush pens, Sakura Micron pens, a Moleskine notebook, ultra-cute stickers, and a StudyBlue Pro membership!

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If you didn’t win this time, have no fear! Our next StudyGram giveaway is coming soon, so stay connected with us! ❤️